Open Source and Accountants

One of the questions we are often asked about is accounts, whether we love them or hate them accountants and accounts are vital part of business life, and of course most people are familiar with accounts packages that run on Windows, can these run in Linux?

To start with many small businesses run well in the early days using spreadsheets, which can easily be done in the free equivalent of MS Office, LibreOffice. LibreOffice’s spreadsheet “Calc” is extremely similar to Excel, and you can use it to open, edit and save all your Excel spreadsheets.

However, if you are looking for full on accounts package, then most small businesses seem to favour QuickBooks, which of course is now encouraging its customers to use QuickBooks Online which will run through your browser. By doing this QuickBooks have eliminated the need for different versions for different operating systems, an online browser package, will run on Linux, Macs, Chrome, and even Windows!

However, if you are looking for a Free and Open Source solution to your accounting needs then we recommend (and use) GnuCash Finance Manager, this is a powerful and free package which allows you to manage your accounts, raise invoices, record payments and so forth. It also comes preloaded with numerous reports such as profit and loss statements and cash flows.

So with these options, there seems to be little reason to stick with Windows just for your accounts package! And of course don’t forget that even if you do want a Windows machine for your accounts, it can still talk to the rest of the Linux machines in your office, yes we can do that!